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Owning a pool in San Diego provides countless hours of entertainment for the whole family as well as friends, which means that it is bound to get dirty. Our Team specializes in supplying you with the best maintenance and repair services around. So if you are looking for a pool service company, look no further. We’re here to provide you with quality cleaning services that you will need to get your pool looking its finest.


Is your pool blue or has it turned green and murky from the algae and bacteria? Did you know that it also breeds mosquitoes which can cause the West Nile Virus. It can also destroy your pools interior walls after time. Don’t wait until that happens, we want to help you protect your investment!

At Aqua Care,  our goal is to restore your pool to an unspoiled and beautiful state so that it is inviting. No matter the condition of your pool, our team is equipped and ready to restore it to its former new self in order for you to enjoy it to the fullest. We take pride in what we do and pay attention to detail while providing you with reasonable rates. Our team goes out of its way to exceed your expectations.

We have experience in the industry of pool maintenance and repair. We are able to handle all your pool needs including Salt Water Systems and Control Panels.

Innovative distribution methods have allowed us to become a market leader in the pool industry while offering reasonable rates so that you don’t break the bank for maintaining your pool services

Pool & Spa Services

  • We Specialize in Commercial and Residential Pools.
  • We Also Do SaltWater Systems
  • Maintain and Analyze Water-Chemistry
  • Complete Equipment Check
  • Brushing Pool Surfaces
  • Scrubbing for Hard Deposit Removal
  • Surface Skimming for Floating Debris Removal
  • Vacuuming the Pool Floor
  • Perfect for Hotels and Apartment Pool & Spas
  • Maintain a Clean and Safe Swimming Atmosphere
  • Pool Storm Clean-Up

Pool & Spa Repair

  • One-Year Guarantee on All Repairs
  • Experts in Commercial Pool & Residential Equipment
  • We Fix All Pool Control Panels
  • Professional and Knowledgeable Pool Repair
  • Green Pool Clean-Up
  • Servicing Santee, El Cajon and La Mesa
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