Property Managers, Commercial Properties

When you need a professional pool company, you can rely on Aqua Care to handle all your pool needs. Our professional team of pool professionals provide you with a wide range of pool services for commercial and residential properties in and around East County of San Diego.

Whether you are in need of a weekly maintenance, water treatment, cleaning of walls and tiles, water skimming or vacuuming floor, or just regular chemical checks and emptying of the filters and backwash of your DE Filtration system.

We offer comprehensive HOA, Hotel and Apartment Pool Services for Residential and Commercial Properties and their management teams to provide them with the utmost care and quality service

We understand how much work pool maintenance can be and we are here to lower the stress out of pool ownership.

We also are available 24 hours for emergency pool needs.

Let Aqua Care’s professionals handle all your pool needs for you.

Our Team and services can help you keep your pool maintained and beautiful, making your equipment last longer.


  • Test Water Chemistry and Treat
  • Brush the Walls, Steps, Tiles and Benches
  • Tile Scrubbing
  • Surface Skimming
  • Pool Vacuuming
  • DE Filtration system checked and backwashed
  • Vacuum Floor
  • Equipment Inspection
  • 24 hr Customer Care

It is our goal to make sure your pool stays in top condition.